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     One day, I realized that beautifully decorated rooms with granite, slate, or marble still lacked an important detail: the light switches and other electrical outlets did not match their customized surfaces. Many customers agreed that this was a necessary detail, so I devised a technique that provides switch plates with a durable finish while perfectly matching any surface in color and pattern.

     There became such a demand for this service that I started my own company, Finishing Touches. I am able to match colors on all types of wall switches, electrical outlets, phone jacks, dimmers, etc. There are no limits to the types of surfaces that I can match. Granite, slate, marble, tumbled stone and travertine are just a few examples.

     I realize that consumers shop around for the best service, when it comes to delicate work. I offer a sense of security by giving you a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee on all my services.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any additional questions that you may have. You can email me at

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